Hello, my name is Hilary Walker, I’m in the Computing for Humanities class, I love to garden, and my hometown is Etobicoke, ON. I’m elated to be taking this class and that its finally feeling like summer.

2018 fall harvest at my sister, Alison’s, farm in Pridis, Alberta.

I decided to apply to The University of Northern British Columbia as a mature student in February 2019, as I’ve always wanted to go back to school but never knew what I wanted to attend for or how to make it happen. I figured out how to fulfill my dreams and after spending the last 4 years of my life mostly pregnant and raising small children, I’m so ready and excited to be starting the next chapter.

28 weeks pregnant with my first born Archer.

Just like I enjoy growing, loving and caring for my children, I dig planting seeds. Last year my garden had little success and now know soil is so important. You can give veggies and fruit the required water and place them in a sunny spot but if the soil doesn’t have a good balance its going to be impossible to grow much. Anyways it’s safe to say I learnt my lesson and can’t wait for this years results. There is something so enchanted about gardening, especially when you see the kids get excited about eating the fruit and veggies growing in the backyard.

The working cattle farm in Bearspaw, Alberta

While Etobicoke was an amazing place to grow up, I’ve spent the last decade in Calgary. During that time I worked for the province, a family business, and spent some of my time living on a working cattle farm. Since recently moving to Prince George, I’m absolutely enjoying the lifestyle change, cost of living, and people here.  I love how I cross paths with everyone from say the kids gymnastics, preschool, birthday parties, and just recently, UNBC people, almost every time I go out. This rarely happened in Etobicoke or Calgary and it really gives me a sense of community which makes me feel less anonymous.

(from the left) Archer my son, Doug my husband, and myself having dinner at Santorini’s in Calgary, AB.

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